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Marching commands in englishMilitary commands. Drill commands.
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  • Can anyone give me some Military Drill Commands in Japanese? I already know "Group attention" and "Forward March" But I should could use some Military Drill commands like "Shoulder Arms, Sling Arms, Port Arms, etc.
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    " Mark Time: The military mark time is essentially a stationary march with the knees coming up parallel to the ground or the foot dangling six inches off the ground.

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    To march forward from a halt, the command of execution is, "Forward, march.

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    considered to be two-part commands even though they contain two preparatory commands.

  • On the preparatory command Pipes Ready, pipers reach with the right hand to grab the blowpipe, chanter, and bass drone where they are cradled in the left arm.
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    As the foot strikes the marching surface, the head is turned sharply to the right at a 45 degree angle, and the saber (sword) is brought downward.

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